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Sallen RS3

Sesami Stand: 6C80
  • Sallen RS3
  • Sallen RS3
  • Sallen RS3
Sallen RS3 Sallen RS3 Sallen RS3
The RS3 is a full recycling solution with one of the smallest footprints on the market. This makes it ideal for retail stores, hotels or petrol stations. This versatile and compact cash recycling solution can be used in both frontoffice and backoffice operations for float dispensing, deposits, money exchange and cash replenishment. And with our monitoring software, you have online reporting and monitoring tools for real-time cash level tracking and full accountability of all cash going in and out. In addition, this monitoring software gives you the ability to connect with your CIT or banking partner to get same day value / precredit for deposits into the acceptance cassette (up to 1500 notes).
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