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20 Mar 2024

ScanBox 2.0

KBST Stand: 6E48
  • ScanBox 2.0
  • ScanBox 2.0
  • ScanBox 2.0
ScanBox 2.0 ScanBox 2.0 ScanBox 2.0

Can be retrofitted to all standard shopping carts
Integrated camera for more security; platform for image recognition Ideal for smaller stores and branches in more rural areas
Smooth use at an operating temperature of -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F) Significantly less investment than purchasing a weighing shopping cart GPS Geofancing

When the ScanBox leaves a defined area, it emits an acoustic and visual alarm and asks the customer to bring the shopping cart back. The store has already been informed via text message about the attempted theft of the cart and its current location

In particularly theft-intensive locations, AI - Theft Prevention can be subsequently and modularly expanded to include a weighing shopping cart frame. This largely prevents the insertion of incorrect and unregistered items.
In the event of a techincal defect, the replacement of the entire device is included in KBST’s service contract

Seamless integration into existing merchandise management and checkout systems Smooth data exchange between the ScanBox and the merchandise management and checkout system
Integration into all cash register systems possible:

From encrypted Bluetooth transmission to cloud checkout, the KBST solution can cover all variants!

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