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20 Mar 2024


KBST Stand: 6E48
  • ScanCart
  • ScanCart
  • ScanCart
ScanCart ScanCart ScanCart

Compatible with all common checkout systems

The ScanCart can be easily integrated into the existing cash register infrastructure and

is compatible with all common system solutions.

Reduced inventory differences

Item-specific scanning protects inventory and reduces deviations. The fully automatic checkout system prevents errors that occur again and again due to human intervention.

Increased checkout performance

By recording purchases, fewer staff are required in the checkout area. For example, service in the area can be improved or openings at times when there are few staff can be made possible.

Better customer retention

The special shopping experience and the simplicity of the application impress your customers and ensure increased customer satisfaction. The integration of customer loyalty programs is also possible on the ScanCart display.

Increasing the average basket size

Initial analyzes show: The average basket value of a ScanCart is, on average, higher than that of a conventional shopping cart. Customers who are valuable to stores like to use the innovative ScanCart solution.

Mobile Payment

The trend of mobile payment is consistently taken further with the ScanCart: thanks to the theft-proof solution, customers can pay conveniently with their own devices.

No additional infrastructure

The ScanCart can be integrated into everyday retail life without additional

infrastructure. No modifications are required for charging or storing the carts.

Safety innovation

The basis of the ScanCart is the checkweigher, while the camera represents a targeted additional function.

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