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Scheduling Ai

SolvedBy.Ai Stand: 6B18

As a rostering or planning manager, it can take hours to build a single rota, considering all of the relevant rules and challenges presented by multi-people rostering.

Scheduling.Ai is our automated, AI-powered scheduling software that will take your demand forecast and automate the building of each rota within your existing scheduling tool. Ensuring the optimal rota is built, 100% compliant with Working Time Directives and other regulations, on budget and with the closest possible fit to your demand curve.

Our AI will build the optimal rota based on your criteria. There may not be a single solution that meets your demand and budget and every member of staff’s preferences, and there may only be an optimal or best fit based on your criteria. The AI will deliver the best-optimised rota every time for every rota, saving managers time and generating all of the benefits mentioned above.

Because Scheduling.Ai uses serverless technology, which can spin up all of the computing resources needed, and a uniquely built and trained AI for every rota that it schedules, we can deal with almost an unlimited number of rotas being built simultaneously.

Our AI consistently outperforms a venue manager in meeting demand, building compliant rotas and keeping your staff happy. This is where the benefits from Scheduling.Ai are generated.

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