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Lobyco Stand: 5D70

Lobyco's Self-Checkout Software is agnostic, so we can support different hardware combinations. This flexibility means if some stores need larger screens, product scales or even fraud detection, you can deliver the same customer experience across all checkout touchpoints. 

Give your customers the option to frictionlessly shop at your stores with Scan & Pay on their own smartphone.

Our cloud based Virtual POS eliminates the need for owning a set of POS services, making it a self-sufficient, easily implementable solution for retailers.

Sleep easy with comprehensive Fraud Prevention tools, including re-scan algorithms, empowered accompanying employee app to see basket total and number of items, and customer management tools, including select for re-scan on next purchase.

Give your members the choice of how to pay with Digital Payments - we have existing integrations with the most popular providers, plus the ability to pay with the retailer loyalty currency.

Keep your stores running if the physical POS servers are down with our Emergency POS - continue to scan items, register membership, and conduct payments by cash or by card.

Your team have access to a complementary Attendant Toolbox app that provides guidance, security, & help, so they’re able to perform rescans, sign activation, and age checks without any hassle.

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