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05 Apr 2023

Smart Connectivity

SmartCIC Stand: 6A60

SmartCIC enables service providers and enterprises to efficiently extend their reach with intelligence-driven connectivity solutions. Our multi-vendor approach provides access to the most costefficient and high-performance networking options locally across a global footprint.

We provide insights into local network performance, pricing, and lead times so that you’re able to connect end users end-to-end with optimized solutions. Our model removes the complexity of connecting multiple sites. It provides a holistic approach that combines management, maintenance, and monitoring.


Whether you’re implementing a large-scale network transformation project or

connecting challenging or dispersed sites, we give you the best networking

options for meeting your goals so you can focus on your business.



Broadband xDSL + FttX

Direct Internet Access (DIA)


4G/5G Fixed Wireless

Low Latency International Bandwidth

• Seamless deployments acrossmultiple markets

• 1,000 carrier partners

• 99.6% average uptime

• Strict end-to-end SLAs

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