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Weblib Stand: 5G35
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Smilein is an app-free ordering and payment solution for retail, hospitality and restaurants. Customers simply pull up your menu on their smartphone and place their order for delivery to their table/seat or collection from your serving window. Orders are sent automatically to your point of sale system and onto your kitchen. If you chose customers can also make secure payment, add a tip and even split the bill with their party, all from their mobile device!


  • Compatible with QR Codes, Wi-Fi, URL, NFC and touch control terminals
  • 100% integrated with more than 200 point of sale systems
  • Fully customisable user experience with more than 60 free modules
  • Centralized management
  • Multi-kitchen features for food courts
  • Enable click & collect & delivery options
  • Secure online payment options with tipping and bill splitting
  • 8. Support for loyalty programmes, special offers and meal vouchers


  • Increase your average order and tips
  • Faster ordering increases table rotation and reduces drop-off rates
  • Happier and more loyal customers
  • Reduced staff demand through order process optimization
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