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Stockout Sentinel

Kloud9 Stand: 4A15
  • Stockout Sentinel
  • Stockout Sentinel
  • Stockout Sentinel
Stockout Sentinel Stockout Sentinel Stockout Sentinel

Phantom Inventory Impact

There are three major areas of impact due to stockouts caused by phantom inventory:

Impact on Revenue

When products are not on the shelf they cannot be bought. Simple as that. Phantom inventory causes on average 4% loss in revenue and in some cases even more.

Customer Experience

On average a consumer facing phantom inventory driven stockouts spends 20% more time taking valuable staff focus as well. Ifthe retailer has buy-online-pick/deliver-in-store model, having inaccurate inventory information can lead toexpensive substitutions.

Cost of Inventory

When inventory is misplaced, it carries cost and cannot be sold. Investigating phantom inventory root cause can help discovery store operations issues.


Machine Learning Solution

Kloud9 Stockout Sentinel has been developed with leading retailers to help organizations identify location/SKU combinations that are candidates for stock-outs. Machine learning models are optimal for resolving this challenge due to large data volumes with high number of SKU/location pairs.


Our models predict both instock as well as stockouts leveraging historical sales data. The goal of the model is to be as accurate as possible predicting stockouts for the distribution center fulfillment cycle.

Business Outcomes

Retailers can drive business benefit from addressing the predicted stockouts and instructing fulfillment to deliver additional inventory and start root cause process.

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