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The Code Reader™ 1500 (CR1500)

Code Corporation Stand: 6B28
  • The Code Reader™ 1500  (CR1500)
  • The Code Reader™ 1500  (CR1500)
The Code Reader™ 1500  (CR1500) The Code Reader™ 1500  (CR1500)

The CR1500 (healthcare version in light grey) is built with a CodeShield® Level 3 disinfectant-ready housing. It is PVC-free, and IP54 rated, protecting the components of the CR1500 against harsh chemical cleaning agents, dust, and water ingress. The robust housing is even built to withstand multiple drops to concrete.

The CR1500 (industrial/retail version in dark gray) is built to overcome the real-world challenges that are present in industrial operations. The CR1500 can read poor-quality codes printed on varied surfaces, laser-etched direct part marks during the manufacturing process, or barcodes as small as 2 mils (DPM decoding available via additional licensing).

No matter your system requirements, Code's unique JavaScript platform provides unlimited customization options to meet your application needs. The compact yet durable 2D scanner has a proprietary microprocessor designed for super-fast image processing and best-in-class decoding. The CR1500 is the barcode reader of choice for all your challenging data collection needs.

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