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TouchFree Solution

Ultraleap Stand: 6H78
  • TouchFree Solution
  • TouchFree Solution
  • TouchFree Solution
TouchFree Solution TouchFree Solution TouchFree Solution

Give consumers the touchless interaction they're asking for!

Ultraleap TouchFree is an end-to-end solution for quick and easy deployment of touchless experiences using gesture control. Try it today and find out why consumers rate touchless interaction higher than both touchscreens and mobile solutions.

Why go TouchFree?

Gesture control delivers results in both self-serve kiosks and interactive digital signage:

  • 82% think gesture control is hygienic
  • 66% adoption rate over a touchscreen
  • 125% increase in unaided ad recall

TouchFree includes:

  1. Ultraleap camera (3Di)
  2. TouchFree Application
  3. TouchFree Tooling

Ultraleap 3Di Hand Tracking Camera

  • Designed to be connected to interactive screens in DOOH or retail.
  • Easy integration of hand tracking
  • Ruggedized form factor for use in permanent, public installations

TouchFree Application

  • Runs invisibly on top of any existing screen and user interface.
  • Detects a user's hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor.
  • Retrofit existing touchscreen interfaces or easily evaluate TouchFree on your desktop PC.

TouchFree Tooling for Web and Unity

  • Add touchless cursor control into kiosk applications in minutes
  • Total control over how your application reacts to users’ hand movements
  • Develop brand-new touchless user experiences
  • Integrates seamlessly into your codebase

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