27 Jan 2023


AURES Technologies UK Stand: 6G48

Positioned and clipped onto a specific two-colour stand (black and red) designed and developed by AURES, TWIST-P is presented as a compact mini pack integrating the POS system of the same name;

a space under the dedicated base (stand) has been provided to house a thermal receipt printer (AURES’ ODP 444).
The TWIST-P touch screen is multi-touch (13.3 inches), identical to that of TWIST. The motherboard is the same as that of the AURES JAZZ/TWIST ranges, for full consistency and flexibility between the installed POS solutions (easier software updates and hardware maintenance, for example).

Supported by a choice of three types of powerful, mobile and fanless embedded processors, this motherboard is protected by a compact, highly rigid miniaturised case (only 10 cm on each side) that houses two M2 SSD slots and the RAM memory.
TWIST-P integrates USB-C technology, which allows for a significant reduction in connectivity since a single USB type C cable is sufficient for the simultaneous transmission of all the signals (power, USB data and video). Many associated POS peripherals are available.

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