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Crew Clothing Gains One View of Stock and One View of the Customer with HSO and Dynamics AX

HSO Stand: 6E50

“We needed a highly credible technical solution to support our exciting growth ambitions, from a partner who brought omni-channel retail experience, a track record of successful customer projects, a deep understanding of the solution, and world-class support.” Justin Hampshire, Finance Director. 

Crew took stock of where they were; the business was growing quickly, and the brand was gaining increased visibility both on the high street and online. The management team realised that to take the business to the next level, an investment in IT was needed. 

To work for Crew, the ERP solution had to cover three key areas:

  • Stock Management: The current system gave the business multiple views on their total stock levels based on the call centre, online or in-store systems. A single unified and accurate view was needed. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: As web sales continued to grow so did the associated challenges, i.e. customer returns, exchanges and refunds, which varied between in-store and online. A single system capable of handling all customer queries, regardless of the method the customer used, was needed. 
  • Management Information: Better and faster management information was required. Retail is a fast paced industry. Having the right product in the right location at the right price was crucial to Crew’s success.

Since the implementation, managing the customer experience has greatly improved how Crew’s customers interact with the brand through the call centre, online and in-store. Ensuring the customer has the widest choice of clothing and accessories to choose from, regardless of the method they use to shop, and still being able to capture individual data to build up a single profile of each customer is now a reality.

Centralised stock management has also helped Crew take a significant step forward by providing greater business insight. The management team have a faster and more accurate understanding of what is selling where, and the drivers behind the purchase. 

The Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail solution is propelling business agility throughout the company to help drive smarter, faster decisions.

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