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GeWeTe Stand: 6G88

The KAS 450 Pay Station is designed for high capacity in a compact design. The robust housing with 6 point locking and double locking system ensures optimum protection and security – For both 3 mm sheet steel or stainless steel models.

The KAS 450 offers a high level of flexibility with bespoke customer specification available using proven components.

The KAS 450 can be used as a payment kiosk in multiple retail applications such as butchers, bakeries, confectioners, etc.

The payment process: The customer places their order, this can be single or multiple items. The cashier issues a receipt showing the relevant bar code, date and time, scale / sale number, and a customer number is issued.

The bar code is scanned on the KAS 450. The customer is shown the amount to be paid on the 15“ display. and payment is made with banknotes and coins or by bank cards.

Notes and Coins are deposited quickly and easily, and the machine issues any change. After payment is complete, the machine prints a receipt (with the company address of the retailer, sequential receipt number, date, time, amount incl. VAT and bar code number), which is handed to a member of staff, who then hands the goods to the customer.

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