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Cash-Desk Series and KAS450

GeWeTe Stand: 6G88

At Retail Technology, GeWeTe will be exhibiting our portfolio of Retail cash solutions.

All can be easily integrated into the Retailers EPOS systems, or we can offer a new EPOS option in conjunction with a partner.

The Cash Desk, Cash Desk XS, and Cash Desk ECO are designed to accept payments and issue change, and can be cashier or customer facing. The KAS 450 is a kiosk variant of the Cash Desk. All are compact, and can be operated stand alone, or embedded in the counter.

We will also exhibit other solutions, such as the Cash Center, providing cashier till / change support to staff, reducing the reliance on back offices

Our Pay Stations offer operational and payment flexibility, providing transaction payment and change, and ticket purchase and redemption for goods and services, 

All devices offer cash and cashless payment options, and feature a management system and audit reporting, plus easy integration into a POS system.

Our solutions are of modular design, and offer configuration flexibility, ensuring optimal efficiency, ease of use for staff, and easy maintenance.

We also offer a remote monitoring system, so you can manage your devices from the office or at home.

Whatever your requirement, we can offer the right solution.

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