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20 Apr 2022

Reduce Cash Losses & Labour Costs with apg's smarttill solution

APG Stand: 6D40

Today’s retail landscape is evolving faster than ever. Speciality clothing retailers face increasing employee shortages.

Many go without qualified managers in the front of the store because they’re in the back - counting and reconciling cash for hours after each shift…or viewing endless hours of video looking to spot areas of loss when they should be focused on sales and customer service. It’s no secret managing cash at the point-of-sale can be a time-consuming and a costly process.

APG is proud to present its advanced smarttill solution suite with load cell technology… a revolutionary cash management system for the future.

The smarttill cash management solution captures, in real-time, all cash activity at the till and reconciles to sales from your POS application making the day’s profits safe and secure while helping reduce cash losses at the till by up to ninety percent!

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