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The SHS Family: Strategically Hidden Speakers from AtlasIED

Polar Audio Stand: 4B30

The Strategically Hidden Speaker ‎Family, by AtlasIED, provides high-‎performance audio in subtle form. ‎Deployed in a single ‎distributed audio system, SHS speakers ‎can reproduce full-bodied rich ‎sound while remaining visibly uniform ‎in any design-centric environment. ‎

All models include unique adaptive ‎dispersion lenses to accommodate ‎multiple coverage patterns.‎ These are easily installed in ceilings with a 3" hole saw.

  • SHS-6T2: Larger coaxial driver in an enclosure.
  • SHS-LF: Low-frequency version with enclosure.
  • SHS-3T2: Compact multi-mount version.
  • SHS-3T2-HD: Compact design for Hard Deck ceiling installations.

These have been designed with AtlasIED system solutions in mind. The 3T2's can natively integrate with Z Series and Atmosphere™ systems via category cable. Atmosphere™ DSP also includes all SHS speaker presets for optimal sound reproduction.

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