Turning Interactive Kiosks TouchFree

Ultraleap Stand: 6H78

Ultraleap's TouchFree application converts any screen into a touchless interface!

How TouchFree works

TouchFree is a touchless software application that runs any screen or interactive kiosk.

When combined with an Ultraleap camera module, it provides touchscreen emulation by detecting a user’s hand in mid-air and converting it to an on-screen cursor. It's the easiest way to retrofit interactive kiosks with touchless gesture control.

TouchFree runs invisibly on top of existing user interfaces, without the system needing major modifications. You can add touchless interaction to interactive kiosks without writing a single line of code, or changing existing user experience design.

The touchless interface provides familiar, touchscreen-style interactions and supports multiple camera positioning options. Powered by the world's leading hand tracking, it's robust, reliable, and easy to use.

Find out more about TouchFree here: https://developer.leapmotion.com/touchfree

Read our design guidelines for touchless interfaces here: https://docs.ultraleap.com/touchless-interfaces/

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