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Stand: 6A60
  • | Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Bizie delivers high performance technology solutions for retail and wholesale businesses seeking to integrate, automate and streamline processes as they scale up their operations.
  • Identify customers: Enabling the rapid and guaranteed identification of in-venue customers and the workflow integration required to enhance their experience by using a combination of technologies – e.g. biometrics.
  • Target Customers: Facilitating targeted real-time marketing of products to in-store customers, including integrated mobile phone services.
  • Optimize Pricing: Low latency complex event processing engine allows organisations to offer differentiated and fine tuned pricing on a per customer basis, including special offers and loyalty based incentives.
  • Increase Sales, Reduce Costs: Enabling more secure and faster processing of customer-present payments by taking advantage of biometric technology, multi-factor authentication and connectivity to third party payment gateways.
  • Intelligence: Provide real-time information to enable management to pro-actively respond to changes in customer demand, manually or automatically.
  • Oversight and security: Facilitating rapid response to incidents (e.g. shoplifting, age checking) by combining seamless voice, video, instant messaging and data to prompt the appropriate action to be taken.
  • Specialist Integration: Real-time integration of third party capabilities.


392 - 394 City Rd
United Kingdom
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