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Crave Retail

Stand: 5F30
  • | Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • | Audience Management
  • | Business Intelligence
  • | Price Tracking, Conversion Tools & Analytics
  • | Multi-Channel Solutions
  • | Brand Experience
  • | Automation
  • | Self-Checkout
  • | RFID Tracking
Crave Retail

Crave is a customer engagement and insights platform that brings digital into physical spaces using AI-powered displays, real-time data insights, and RFID technology. We are most known for our Smart Fitting Room and Assisted Seller solutions that empower shoppers with personalized experiences, instant service, and omnichannel capabilities. For example, when you approach one of our displays we will auto-detect the merchandise they have and display an interactive screen with real-time inventory - where shoppers can make requests from the screen - outfit recommendations, online inventory if the store is out of stock, and paths to easier payment. Through our technology, retailers benefit from access to invaluable insights spanning across merchandise trends like items tried on but not bought service opportunities, and customer preferences.


United States
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