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Lava Computers

Stand: 5E54
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Lava Computers

Since 1984, Canadian technology manufacturer LAVA has designed and built industry-leading connectivity solutions for PCs and mobile devices. Our SimulCharge™ technology was first to provide tablets with simultaneous power and data capabilities. Our Battery Modulation technology was also first to offer battery protection, adding years to the life of your device. Our robust adapters and enclosures can be used in digital signage, POS systems, staff time clocks and any other permanent mobile installation.


2 Vulcan Street
M9W 1L2
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  • Designed for the Lenovo Tab K10 Batteryless tablet, LAVA’s K10 Batteryless Enclosure provides all the ease of a turnkey system at a fraction of the price. It is ideal for digital signage, POS systems ...
  • eSynC-vc5UE

    22 Apr 2023
    Designed for 24/7 tablet-based POS systems, the eSynC-vc5UE allows you to connect up to 5 USB peripherals to your tablet while keeping it continously charged.
  • VC-OEM

    18 Apr 2023
    The VC-OEM uses low voltage DC power to safely route charging levels of power to mobile devices. It's low voltage means that customers can safely and easily install retail tablets and kiosks without n ...
  • Charge-Check

    22 Apr 2023
    The Charge-Check battery protection module prevents your mobile device and accessories from being overcharged. Retain battery efficiency and overall battery life for longer
  • nSynC-P2UE

    22 Apr 2023
    The nSynC-P2UE leverages SimulCharge™ technology to provide tabelts with simultaneous PoE power and data, as well as access to 2 USB peripherals. The nSynC-P2UE is a great choice for digital signage, ...


  • What is SimulCharge™?

    22 Apr 2023 Rostyk Wynnyckyj
    SimulCharge™ is a LAVA-created technology that provides mobile devices with simultaneous charging and access to data. But what exactly does that mean?
  • RBM Technoology ensures that your tablet and other mobile devices can operate 24/7 for 5+ years. This results in longer overall life and improved battery efficiency
  • The Charge-Check is a consumer LAVA adapter that provides overcharge protection for your tablet, smartphone or any other device that charges over USB.
  • What is PoE? and why YOU should use it!

    22 Apr 2023 Rostyk Wynnyckyj
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides data and power over the same Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate electrical cable.


  • LAVA's fast-charging SimulCharge adapters are ideal for premium tablets that need to be used when docked and when on-the-move.
  • LAVA Computer, a Canadian tech manufacturer and global leader in connectivity solutions is looking forward to meeting you at RTS23, Stand 5E54! Contact our team at to set a time.
  • The nSynC K10 Batteryless Adapters can be built-in or hidden away as part of installments like digital signage or smart lockers, providing the tablet with simultaneous power & data.
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