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Mercaux is the Next Generation In-Store Experience and Checkout Platform, that truly connects Retail Stores to the Digital World. 

We are future-proofing retail by redefining how customers interact with the store, across the entire journey: from product discovery and personalisation, through to checkout. 

Furthermore, this is being achieved in a Next-Gen way (composable & API-oriented), meaning it is more flexible and deployed faster, than ever before.


Mercaux’s Composable Platform future-proofs stores. The 3-layers comprise of In-Store Experience, Universal Basket and Next Generation Checkout. The Experience layer redefines how customers interact with the physical store, through assisted selling and self-service solutions. Universal Baskets are created from these solutions that follow the customer wherever they continue their omnichannel experience. Next-Gen Checkout allows customers to complete the transaction anywhere, using any payment.


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United Kingdom
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  • How does Mercaux transform retail? In this video, we visualise a retail transformation journey with Mercaux and take you through the possibilities digitisation could bring, both in-store and online.


  • A cloud-based, API-first solution that not only introduces fluid, flexible and fast checkout for customers, but also enables integrated cross-channel experiences & basket transfer
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