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Stylumia was founded by Ganesh Subramanian, Ex COO of Indian fashion e-commerce giant Myntra in December 2015, along with two of his colleagues Hemamalini and Sharath Puranik, with a mission of reducing wastage in fashion, lifestyle, home & sports retail. Stylumia leverages machine learning to improve product assortments, optimise inventory management, and offers the most accurate consumer-driven fashion forecast in the industry.

Stylumia customers from the fashion, lifestyle, home & sports industries range from the Fortune 100 list to small and medium brands and retailers. Stylumia serves them through their suite of proprietary solutions powered by machine learning-based prediction algorithms, computer vision and award-winning proprietary Demand Science™. This is a radical approach compared to the supply-driven or intuitive fashion prediction and fashion forecasting systems available in the market globally. Most analyses focus on what is in the market already and is therefore flawed, being more an indicator of what was supplied and not what is selling well.

Stylumia's customers have significant revenue growth, inventory reduction and increased profitability by 30-50% in under 12 months with 10x return on investment.

  1. Stylumia has been recognised as one of the six circular change-makers by the United Nations, H&M Innovations and Intellicap for making a significant contribution to sustainability. Stylumia has thus far eliminated the wastage of over 60 million garments by reducing guesswork.

  2. Stylumia is a part of the select few Intel AI Builders

  3. Stylumia has been chosen as one of the top 100 startups globally by Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020.

  4., Berlin has chosen Stylumia to be one of the 7 start-ups globally for its first-ever data and analytics program in 2020.

  5. Amazon AI Conclave- Retail: Winner 2019.

  6. Your Story Tech Sparks: Winner 2019.

  7. NASSCOM: Emerge 50 Winner 2019.

  8. Top 25 Artificial Intelligence companies APAC 2017 by CIO Advisor.

  9. Business Of Fashion(BOF) recently covered our latest innovation, ImaGenie, one of its kind in the world of Design assistants.

  10. Stylumia wins the Aegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence-powered innovation for Retail.


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  • World's most accurate AI-driven Consumer Intelligence Tool for fashion forecasting for consumer-right assortment planning.
  • Stylumia's Apollo is the world's 1st hyper-accurate true demand planning tool with advanced predictive analytics using proprietary ML models.
  • Stylumia's ImaGenie is an advanced predictive analytics capability that applies AI ethically to generate design shortlists using a simplified and gamified dashboard that produces create winning ideas ...


  • World's most accurate AI-driven Consumer Intelligence Tool for fashion forecasting for consumer-right assortment planning.
  • Stylumia is a unique systemic fashion AI platform for trend forecasting, and demand sensing from design to consumer value chain.
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