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Stand: 6H78
  • | Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • | Digital Signage Kiosks
  • | DOOH/Outdoor Signage
  • | Wayfinding Solutions
  • | Brand Experience
  • | Checkout Kiosks
  • | Checkout Peripherals
  • | Kiosks
  • | Self-Checkout

Turn any screen touchless with TouchFree. 

Our world-leading hand tracking solution and turnkey software application lets users control digital displays using simple hand gestures without physically touching a screen.

Enhance any screen with natural, safe, and effortless digital interaction from Ultraleap


One Glass Wharf
United Kingdom
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  • The Ultraleap 3Di Stereo Hand Tracking Camera will effortlessly transform your displays to touchless interfaces. It was specifically designed to be connected to interactive screens in retail or DOOH t ...
  • Give consumers the touchless interaction they're asking for! Ultraleap TouchFree is an end-to-end solution for quick and easy deployment of touchless experiences using gesture control. Try it today an ...


  • Ultraleap TouchFree moves interaction with kiosks and digital screens to the next dimension. A complete touchless solution for the future of customer experience.
  • Watch Ultraleap’s world leading touchless technology in action at NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York 2023
  • See how touchless technology shapes the next step in consumers’ in-store journey. Novel, intuitive, immersive, memorable.
  • Watch how a touchless kiosk enables users to use hand gestures to order menu items, without needing to touch a screen.     


  • Learn how touchless technology is helping to create a seamless omnichannel approach for brands and consumers and reinventing the retail customer experience.
  • One in two consumers considered public touchscreens unhygienic, and they are concerned about more than just Covid-19.
  • Ultraleap's tech is now optimised to work on BrightSign’s XT1144 media player for more immersive experiences
  • Powered by Ultraleap hand tracking, PepsiCo developed and piloted a bespoke, innovative touchless menu for food and drink ordering in QSR.
  • Today, Ultraleap announced a £60 million ($82 million) Series D investment – a massive vote of confidence in our vision of the future of interaction.
  • Ultraleap launches 3Di camera designed specifically for Out-of-Home (OOH) and retail use cases.
  • UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has integrated Ultraleap tech to provide touchless interaction for their end-to-end retail solution – UST Vision Checkout
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