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John Bates

John Bates

Technology Director, Morrisons

John has been working in Retail Technology for over 20 years. Much of that time has been with Morrisons Supermarkets, laterly heading up the Architecture, Planning, and Delivery teams.

It's an industry he loves, as he sees it there is nothing quite like the pace of Retail, particularly Food Retail.

The scale is immense serving many millions of customers a week, the supporting operations are vast running 24 x 7 to make sure we get great food into people's baskets.
Our need to be close to the customer has never been stronger, seamlessly ensuring the right offer at the right price is available at the right time.
The market competition and conditions are driving new innovations and disruptive change into the market every day.

And technology is at the heart of making the magic happen, it's an exciting time to be working in Retail.