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Kate Hardcastle MBE

Kate Hardcastle MBE

The Customer Whisperer & Retail Broadcaster

Kate Hardcastle MBE, a.k.a. The Customer Whisperer is the UK's leading 'go-to' business expert on consumer insight for national TV and media. She has added her unique brand of knowledgeable commentary to thousands of interviews for TV and radio outlets including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News. She has also presented leading consumer shows and most recently reporting on ITV1’s Tonight show fronting episode about saving the High Street.

Other credits include Rip Off Britain, What Britain Bought, Battlefront and Inside Out as well as being the consumer champion for hit ITV 1 consumer show – Eat Shop Save. Her work is respected globally, projects have included the successful turnaround of ailing retail brands and shopping centre, the creation of powerful consumer brands & consultant to oversee business redevelopment, restructure and takeovers.