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Katya Denike

Katya Denike

Chief Product Officer, Holland & Barrett

Currently serving as the Chief Product Officer at Holland & Barrett, Katya leads the global product team across an extensive portfolio of products, including digital platforms, in-store customer assistance apps, core commercial products, and innovative health and wellness solutions. Katya is responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive product strategy that aligns with the company’s goals while fostering a product-led culture and driving digital transformation throughout the organisation.

Throughout her career, Katya participated in and pioneered a number of digital transformations at large-scale companies. Coming from a technical background, she has always had a special interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence and she successfully led the implementation of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms across multiple products and industries, including tech powerhouse Yandex and Ozon (e-commerce/marketplace with 5bln GMV, #1 in Russia). She’d be very excited to share her learnings with Women Silicon Roundabout attendees.