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Philippe Rebelo

Philippe Rebelo

UK Data Science Director, Decathlon

Philippe Rebelo has demonstrated a dynamic career trajectory at Decathlon, marked by significant leadership roles in data science, e-commerce and retail.

Currently, as Pricing Transformation Leader , he directs Decathlon's Data Pricing Transformation Journey. This role encompasses the deployment of Pricing Strategies, tools and capabilities in the scope of Competitive Intelligence, Price Elasticity modelization & Dynamic Pricing.

Building out competitive intelligence capabilities, operating models, tooling, governance, training across Europe market.

Leading a cross-functional team to test & deploy Price Optimization using AI algorithms.

As UK Director of Data Science, Philippe was responsible for the UK Data Science roadmap, ensuring project prioritisation for maximal business value.
Philippe's leadership in these roles reflects his ability to blend data science insights with practical e-commerce and retail strategies to drive business growth and customer engagement.