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Raymond Hepburn

Raymond Hepburn

Employee Experience Partner, PureGym

Raymond is an Employee Experience Partner at Puregym. In this role, he supports with employee engagement, happiness and overall employee experience across the PureGym Group.

Raymond first joined PureGym in 2014 in an operational role managing clubs, before moving in to Learning & Development. After a short spell away from PureGym in other areas of the hospitality and customer service industries Raymond returned where he then went on to take up his current role.

Raymond’s journey in the health and fitness industry has spanned almost 20 years and reflects a strong commitment to fostering a culture of well-being and excellence. Having spent a little over half of this time in leadership roles, Raymond demonstrates a keen understanding of operational intricacies and a passion for cultivating growth-oriented environments.

Raymond's contributions go beyond service; they reflect a commitment to enhancing both employee and customer experiences.