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Tim Walpole

Tim Walpole

Head of Production and Innovation, Retail Trust

Tim Walpole is a seasoned technology professional with over two decades of experience, renowned for his innovative approach and expertise. Starting his career at ICL, Tim navigated through various roles to eventually become Head of Innovation at BJSS, specialising in AI and natural language processing. Throughout his journey, Tim has remained steadfast in leveraging technology for societal betterment, consistently demonstrating his commitment to driving positive change. Notably, during his tenure at BJSS, Tim played a pivotal role in delivering a platform aimed at distributing millions of items of surplus food to those in need.

Recently, Tim embarked on a new chapter by joining Retail Trust as Head of Product & Innovation. His mission is clear: to revolutionise the retail industry by harnessing the power of data and AI to improve the lives of every employee. Tim was instrumental in building a data and insights platform for Retail Trust, enabling retailers to enhance the wellbeing of their employees. This platform offers invaluable insights into employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall wellbeing, empowering retailers to make informed decisions that positively affect the lives of their colleagues.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Tim is deeply committed to sustainability efforts. Collaborating with his partner, he is actively involved in building an eco and sustainable fashion brand. Their mission is twofold: to alter consumer behaviour and to showcase to other brands the feasibility of delivering fashion sustainably. This initiative underscores Tim's dedication to making a positive impact on societal and environmental fronts, highlighting his multifaceted approach to creating meaningful change.