Reshmi Suresh

Reshmi Suresh

Director of Enterprise Product Commercialization, Worldpay

Reshmi Suresh is the Director of Enterprise Product Commercialization at Worldpay from FIS. Reshmi manages a team of Strategy managers and analysts who help bring additional value to the Enterprise merchants using various value-added products that Worldpay offer –be it improved fraud protection, better authentication, optimized authorization, or any other way to improve the merchant’s payment experience for their end consumers. In her role, she works closely with Sales, Marketing, Product and various other teams within the business to make this happen.

Reshmi has been in the payments world for over a year now, having come to Worldpay due to the level of customer impact, growth and innovation that’s happening in the industry, particularly with the explosion of eCommerce usage as well as various data-driven products coming into the market (BNPL, Open Banking). Prior to Worldpay from FIS, Reshmi was at Bain & Company as a management consultant, where she worked for 3 years after her MBA from Yale School of Management. An aerospace engineer by education, Reshmi is also drawn to using data and analytics to make better business decisions and hope to do that in this role and elsewhere.