Zarah Adato-Barber

Zarah Adato-Barber

LP Product Owner: RFID Strategic Development, Marks & Spencer

After joining the Clothing & Home Corporate Packaging team in Marks & Spencer in 2010, Zarah moved to the Retail side of the business in 2017.

When Marks & Spencer extended its RFID C&H product categories in 2012, Zarah with her team lead the deployment with the Business Units specialising in tag allocation, design and performance including the management of the global supply of tags with the world’s leaders in RFID tag development. Now Zarah’s focus is future solutions to “sweat the asset”. Taking her experience from the success of the C&H RFID deployment, she now heads up RFID strategic development for M&S, with a vision that really encapsulates the technology end to end for both our Customers and Colleagues. Her focus is not just within the 4 walls of the Store but beyond into our Supply Chain and investigating new categories such as tagging Brands and Foods alongside trials with Robots!

Zarah has just been appointed RFID Product Owner: Loss, a huge opportunity to further drive the benefits, end to end with a focus on product visibility, traceability, and stock file integrity within C&H, Food, and the Supply Chain network