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As part of our commitment to showcasing new, cutting-edge technologies and champion the start-up community we partnered with independent business and technology consultancy, Baringa, to showcase ten leading-edge tech start-ups, whose innovative and disruptive solutions are set to revolutionise the retail sector.

Whether you're looking to discover:

  • Dynamic new digital engagement solutions
  • Digitalising in-store experiences and insights 
  • Reimagining the checkout experience, or
  • New tech to support your conscious consumers

We have you covered with these top ten start-ups.

"I saw some interesting ideas in the Start-up Zone, being fronted by people with a real passion for what they do. It's certainly worth a look" 
– CEO, Clekt

Introducing our Start-Up Stars of 2022: 

Learn all about these start-up's and discover how they can help you deliver a seamless and exciting retail experience for your customers.

Dynamic new digital engagement solutions

London DynamicsLondon Dynamics enables brands and retailers to create world-class ecommerce experiences by providing ultra-realistic 3D spin Product Visualisation, cutting edge configurators and app-less Augmented Reality (AR) with zero integration. 

ometria Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that helps retailers increase customer loyalty and CRM revenue by sending personalised marketing messages throughout the customer journey. Their solution combines the data unification and customer insight of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, letting retail marketers easily and efficiently create experiences their customers love across email, mobile, on-site, social, direct mail and more.
Personify PX Personify XP takes anonymous, single-session data to understand and segment every person who visits a website, and dynamically updates these segments as customers shop. These are created based on the way in which customers browse a website.  With every click, scroll or hover, a unique score is given to a shopper based on all the 'active' segments available. The score changes with every action, and in real time, Personify identifies the intent of that shopper. This allows the customer to see personalised banners, product recommendations, and many more services. 

Digitalising in-store experiences and insights

block doxBlockDox data analytics platform helps retailers optimise their bricks-and-mortar estates, focusing in on metrics including space optimisation, indoor air quality and energy use to improve operations, sustainability and compliance. Helping retailers to optimise operations for efficiency, health & wellbeing, sustainability, and compliance. 

Shoppermotion Shoppermotion supports chains and brands to make better operational and strategic decisions in-store by measuring automatically the full journey of every single shopper in real-time, from the entrance to the checkouts. 

Reimagining the checkout experience 

TruRatingTruRating allows shoppers to provide feedback on payment devices or at the Point of Sale (instore and online), capturing real-time customer sentiment and operational performance benchmarks. Their patented integrations into the point of sale mean they are uniquely positioned to hear from over 80% of instore customers whilst anonymously connecting this feedback directly to transaction and behavioural insight - giving retailers a real-time view not only of customer sentiment but also operational performance which initiatives are influencing spend, RoI and loyalty. 

Slip Slip solves problems for both retailers and their customers in a single, retailer agnostic solution with software that integrates with the point-of-sales system, allowing retailers to send a digital receipt, just by scanning a QR code. It turns a clunky manual process into a frictionless, omnichannel experience which is future-market matched in todays frictionless era. 

Tech for good

brand conscienceBrand Conscience exists to enable brands, retailers, and consumers to go faster and further towards conscious consumption & production. This sustainability and ethics scoring platform, offers a 5-point validated scoring metric, applied as an easy read graphic strip on product labels. Providing  a simple, consistent & brand agnostic way of showing consumers an item's CSR & sustainability credentials. These are both highly complex areas that we need to simplify to communicate to consumers in a way that matters and is meaningful to them. 

face Face Donate is a platform that shows the use and impact of every donation. The platform connects individuals, charities and corporations, offering a simple, fully transparent solution to give, collect, match-fund, allocate and distribute donations, and to provide and receive real-time feedback on the impact achieved. 

kidredKindred is a carbon neutral app monetization network, enabling brands and consumers to offset all carbon produced by products and services bought on the network, rewarding app owners, brands, users & charities in the process.

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