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As part of our commitment to showcasing new, cutting-edge technologies and champion the start-up community we partnered with independent business and technology consultancy, Baringa, to showcase leading-edge tech start-ups, whose innovative and disruptive solutions are set to revolutionise the retail sector.

Whether you're looking to discover:

  • Dynamic new digital engagement solutions 
  • AI powered online fit technologies
  • Technology to transform the war on waste
  • Transformative employee engagement platforms, or
  • Personalised pop-up property platform

We have you covered with these top start-ups.

"I saw some interesting ideas in the Start-up Safari, being fronted by people with a real passion for what they do.
It's certainly worth a look"  
CEO, Clekt

Our Start-Up Stars of 2023: 

Learn all about these start-up's and discover how they can help you deliver a seamless and exciting retail experience for your customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered online fit technologies

sizerSizer leverages computer vision and AI to solve the sizing gap in digital fashion retail – helping fashion retailers increase sales and reduce returns by matching shoppers’ exact body measurements against garment data to deliver accurate, data-driven sizing recommendations.

VesticoVestico is the first user generated content (UGC) X AI platform designed to help online shoppers buy fashion items they’ll love and keep by showing shoppers how products look on people with similar body measurements to theirs, powered by content from real shoppers.

Personalised pop-up property platform

SookSook has built a turnkey tech-enabled property platform which allows any brand to rent prime physical spaces and customise the store within minutes using its digital fit-out tool.  Brands can select and book a bricks-and-mortar space direct and bring it to life with images and video on wall-to-wall digital screens.

Technology to transform the war on waste

TopolyticsTopolytics is an analytics business that makes any organisation’s commercial and industrial waste supply chain visible, verifiable and valuable.  It has been hailed for modernising global waste management, by enabling producers to understand how much waste they generate by type, what happens to that waste, and its associated carbon impact to generate better environmental and commercials outcomes.

ReathFounded in response to the urgent need for waste reduction, Reath provides specialist software for reusable and refillable packaging systems, combining machine readable trackers with, its Digital Passport Open Data Standard, allowing retailers to gather and hold critical data on how their reuse system is functioning including the how many times the package is reused and how many pieces of single-use packaging a business has saved. 

Transformative employee engagement platforms

Depoint Depoint provides enterprise customers with an easy-to-use platform that integrates their existing business and staff management tools - offering a unified way of executing tasks and managing data.  Its system also comes with hundreds of predefined processes for the industry, allowing customers to deploy it within weeks and replace time consuming operations with digital, retail-custom workflows.

Dynamic new digital engagement solutions

Hyperfinity HyperFinity helps retailers and brands use advanced analytics to unlock the value of their data – creating better customer experiences and making profitable decisions faster, all from one centralised AI platform.  By joining the dots between customer, product and click data, its technology creates actionable insights and outputs to pass downstream to CRM, ERP or CMS orchestration platforms.

Hyperfinity Rungway creates open lines of communication in organisations to help businesses increase participation and surface bottom-up feedback.  Employees and leadership can communicate in an open forum, with the option of anonymity, monitored and analysed to provide board level insights.

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