Day 2 Track  - 27th April 2023  |  Location: Headline Theatre

Customer Obsession & Marketing

This essential track looks at driving competitive advantage through truly delightful in-store experiences, maximising loyalty of cautious customers, increasing sales and awareness through social media and standing out through a clear brand identity and purpose  

You’ll also learn how to boost engagement though omnichannel personalisation, respond to the Covid-driven expectation for speed and convenience, re-evaluate your pricing to reflect low consumer-confidence and unlock the value of your data to drive true insight and loyalty. 


Sponsored  by: MAZE UK,  Sponsorship Theatre A



Opening Keynote :

Assessing How Retailers Should Respond To Customers’ Increased Expectations For Speed And Convenience 

Fireside Chat Interview :

How Can Retailers Maximize Customer Retention When Customers Are Being More Cautious In Their Spending Habits?

Case Study :


Establishing A Clear And Strong Brand Identity To Survive And Thrive In A Disruptive Environment

Case Study :

Achieving Real ROI From Your Digital Marketing Initiatives

Afternoon Keynote :


Boosting Customer Engagement Through Taking A More Omnichannel Approach to Investment 

Case Study :


Assessing How to Drive Customer Loyalty In An Increasingly Fickle Retail Marketplace

Case Study :


Using AI To Better Understand Customer Behaviour And Achieve Actionable Insight

Keynote Panel Discussion :

Unlocking The Value Of Your Data To Drive Real Insight And Customer Loyalty 


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