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 Day 2 Track  - 27th April 2023  |  Location: Headline Theatre

Ecommerce Growth & Omnichannel

This crucial track helps you create exceptional omnichannel experiences that truly stand out, drive omnichannel innovation through pureplay thinking, understand the role of technology in 2030 bricks and mortar and merge online and store customer experiences though live video. 

You’ll also learn how to sharpen your marketplace strategy as a key growth opportunity, reduce costs through pivoting to eCommerce, drive sales though new initiatives to get customers back into stores and evaluate key omnichannel lessons learnt from three years of unprecedented disruption. 

Sponsored by:  Aptos, Sponsorship Headline Theatre



Opening Keynote Fireside Chat:

Understanding How Human Connectivity And The Kindness Economy Are The Future Of Retail

Keynote Presentation:


Creating An Exceptional Omnichannel Experience That Ensures You Truly Stand Out From The Crowd

Keynote Fireside Chat:



Merging The Online And Store Experience Through Using Live Video To Engage With Store Colleagues And Drive Sales

Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat:

Driving Down Costs Through Pivoting Your Business Around The Shift To Ecommerce

Fireside Chat Interview:


How Can Omnichannel Retailers Drive Sales And Innovation By Thinking Like A Pureplay



Evaluating How To Drive Sales By Getting Customers Back Into Stores In The Post Covid World

Keynote Panel Discussion:


Omnichannel Retailing 2020-2023: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! What Key Lessons Have Omnichannel Retailers Learnt About Retailing During Unprecedented Disruption?


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