Day 1 Track  - 26th April 2022  |  Location: Theatre A

Ecommerce Growth & Omnichannel

This essential track focuses on some of the key aspects of omnichannel strategy as well as looking at how to capitalise on the pandemic-related growth of eCommerce. 

You’ll learn how to rethink omnichannel to reflect unprecedented disruption, what the new role of the store is in 2022, how to build a profitable marketplaces strategy and how to drive more sales and engagement through the single customer view. 

The track also enables you to predict what the store of the future will look like, understand the omnichannel customer journey more clearly and how you can use digital technology in store to re-energise the customer experience.




Opening Keynote:


Rethinking Your Omnichannel Strategy To Reflect A Period Of Unprecedented Disruption

Fireside Chat Interview:


Understanding The Role Of The Store In Today’s Omnichannel Market

Case Study:


Building A Marketplace Strategy That Delivers Bottom Line Value For The Brands And Retailers

Case Study:

Improving Omnichannel Sales & Customer Journey Through Live Video Technology Enabling Online Customers To Engage With Store Staff


Predicting What The Store Of The Future Will Look Like And What Retailers Should Be Doing Today To Get There

Case Study:


Pivoting Business Around The Shift To Ecommerce To Capitalise On The Covid-Impacted Customer

Case Study:


Increasing In-Store Customer Engagement Through Real-Time, Personalised, Targeted Messages And Promotions

Keynote Panel Discussion:


Using Digital Technologies To Re-Energise The In- Store Customer Experience


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