Day 1 Track  - 26th April 2023  |  Location: Theatre B

Innovation and Technology

The innovation and future track allow you a deeper understanding of what the metaverse means for retail, how you can use AI for cost reduction and efficiency and how you can be more innovative through collaborating with start-ups. 

You’ll also learn what NFTs mean for retail revenue and brand awareness, how AR can truly differentiate your business in a downturn, where voice-commerce is headed and how key innovations impacting retail will evolve by 2028. 


Sponsored by: Nuvei, Theatre B Sponsor



Opening Keynote:


Achieving A Deeper Understanding Of The Metaverse And What It Really Means For Your Retail Business

Fireside Chat Interview:


What I've Learnt About Retail Innovation From Amazon, Tesco Labs And Deliveroo 

Case Study:


Understanding How Nisa Is Using Augmented Reality On Smartphones To Increase Store Footfall, Sales & Customer Loyalty 

 Panel Discussion:


Driving Retail Employee Engagement And Retention Through New Innovations In Workforce Management

Afternoon Keynote:


Demystifying NFTs And Understanding How They Can Drive Retail Revenue And Brand Awareness 

Case Study:


Protecting Your Business Through Taking A Fresh Look At Cybersecurity In The Face Of Increased Threats

Case Study:


Innovating For A More Sustainable Future Through Agile Planning and Data-Driven Decision Making

Keynote Panel Discussion:


Predicting How Key Innovations Impacting Retail Today Will Evolve By 2028


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