Day 1 Track  - 26th April 2022  |  Location: Theatre B

Innovation and Technology

This engaging track focuses on capitalising on some of the key innovations and technology challenges that are getting retailers excited. 

You’ll learn how to deliver clear business benefits from AI, foster an internal culture of innovation, drive engagement through in-store AR and maintain a cloud-first mentality.

The track also enables you to demystify the metaverse and its impact on retail, ensure your cybersecurity is up to scratch, capitalise on the voice shopping opportunity and move from data management to real, actionable insight. 





Opening Keynote:

Moving Beyond The AI Hype To Deliver Clear Business Benefits From Artificial Intelligence

Fireside Chat Interview:

Driving Differentiation Through Creating And Fostering An Internal Culture Of Innovation

Case Study:

Understanding How Nisa Is Using Augmented Reality On Smartphones To Increase Store Footfall, Sales & Customer Loyalty 

 Panel Discussion:


Driving Retail Employee Engagement And Retention Through New Innovations In Workforce Management

Afternoon Keynote:


Demystifying The Metaverse And Understanding How It Will Change The Retail Landscape

Case Study:


Protecting Your Business Through Taking A Fresh Look At Cybersecurity In The Face Of Increased Threats

Case Study:

Innovating For A More Sustainable Future Through Agile Planning and Data-Driven Decision Making

Keynote Panel Discussion:

Unlocking The Value Of Your Customer Data To Achieve Real, Actionable Insight


Join us at Retail Technology Show to get ideas, innovation and the latest retail technology solutions.

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