Day 1 Track - 26th April 2023  |  Location: Headline Theatre

Leadership & Culture

This crucial track highlights effective leadership strategies to respond to the cost-of-living crisis, clarification on retail sustainability initiatives, preparation suggestions for economic predictions and lessons learnt from Covid about the importance of empathy and kindness leadership.   

You’ll also learn how to ensure workforce retention through connection to your culture, increase employee engagement through effective DEI, drive profit through creative cost reduction and revamp your workforce and culture strategies to thrive during disruptive periods.     

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Retail Leadership :


Tougher Times, Tougher Tactics: Retail Leadership During a Cost of Living Crisis 

Fireside Chat Interview :


Which Key Sustainability  Questions should Retailers be asking Themselves in 2023?

Case Study :


Placing Sustainability At The Heart Of Your Company Culture

Case Study :


How Can Today’s Retailers Effectively Embrace Diversity and Inclusion?

Case Study :


Understanding The Opportunities, Challenges And Risks Of Prioritising A Culture Of Organisational Agility

Keynote Panel Discussion :


Rethinking Your Workforce And Culture During Periods of Unprecedented Disruption 


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