Day 2 Track  - 27th April 2023  |  Location: Theatre A

Supply Chain  & Delivery

In this essential track you’ll learn how to make a sustainable supply chain reduce risk, how to use RFID to overcome supply chain pain points, how to use robotics effectively for warehouse efficiencies and whether you should charge for returns to reduce costs and drive sustainability further.  

The track also enables you to build supply chain adaptability and flexibility, rethink you peak trading workforce in the face of labour shortages, evolve your supply chain for Brexit and ensure your customer delivery strategy is right for both your customers and company.

Sponsored by: MAZE UK,  Sponsorship Theatre A



Opening Keynote :

What Does A Sustainable Supply Chain Actually Look Like And How Can It Help You Manage Supply Chain Risk?

Fireside Chat Interview :


Overcoming Key Supply Chain Pain Points Using RFID Technology

Case Study :


Using RFID To Improve Stock Integrity And Maximise Sales Opportunities In A Complex Omnichannel Market 

Case Study :


Protecting Peak Trading Through Rethinking Supply Chain Employment Strategy

Afternoon Keynote :

Building Flexibility And Adaptability In Your Supply Chain To Minimise The Impact Of Unprecedented Disruption

Case Study :

Rethinking Supply Chain To Meet The Brexit Challenge

Case Study :

Driving Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Through Insight And Technology Innovation

Keynote Panel Discussion :

Delivering On Delivery: Key Questions For Today’s Forward-Thinking Retailers


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