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12 Jan 2024

Artificial Intelligence Elevates Drive-Thru Sales

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62
Artificial Intelligence Elevates Drive-Thru Sales
Now, the rise of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the drive-thru experience, delivering greater speed, accuracy, and consistency of services for customers and more profits for business owners.

AI Chatbot at Drive-Thru

Recently with the emergence of large language models (LLM), business owners are eager to develop their own versions to help with the work. Drive-thru is an application to realize AI chatbots for the demands of employees to talk to customers through headsets and take orders are exhausted and inefficient.

Having an AI chatbot for the drive-thru speaker system not only saves the workforce but also speeds up the ordering process, even elevating sales. AI chatbot can precisely take orders regardless of speaking speed and accent, being able to filter the noise around. Furthermore, the chatbot can even recommend or promote items to boost sales.

AIE110-ONA Ultra-compact Edge AI Developer Kit Designed for AI Applications

In this case, an AI-powered system is essential to run the powerful purpose-built generative AI. That’s why we recommend our edge AI developer kit, the AIE110-ONA, one of our most budget-friendly and compact AI solutions. Powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano, its AI performance can be elevated up to 40 TOPS while maintaining low power consumption and being highly scalable through peripheral devices. Importantly, the 1024-core NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with 32 Tensor Cores is capable of running language models like an AI chatbot.

Easy integration
Designed as an SBC, the compact and I/O-rich AIE110-ONA is more flexible for system integrators to install anywhere and integrate with other peripherals free from space limitations. Integrators can connect microphones and cameras via two USB or PoE ports; the PoE port provides 15W of power, and the HDMI output can help set up the screen indoors to display items on the order. Then, the operating temperature of this developer kit is from -10°C to +60°C, just right for an outdoor environment like drive-thrus. Besides, the AIE110-ONA provides one M.2 Key M NVMe SSD slot for storage and one PCI Express Mini Card slot for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/LTE/GPS.

Advancing and integrating AI applications
More than that, the AIE110-ONA and the AI-powered digital signage player can work together. Once the customers are analyzed by the signage player, the information can be transmitted to the AIE110-ONA via wireless communication to start more precise responses and recommendations to the customer’s order, facilitating a more immersive and interactive consuming experience.

AI-Powered Digital Signage

Drive-thru usually comes with big digital signage boards to grab attention to promote hot-selling or new items. Today, AI models can detect potential consumers’ gender and age ranges, and to take advantage of this, digital signage powered by AI can dynamically change advertisements for different customers.

Deploying a digital signage player can leverage AI algorithms to enhance precision marketing, increasing sales by tailoring advertisements to attract specific customers effectively. On the other hand, utilizing digital signage players is more flexible when it comes to changing advertising content to lower the cost in the long run. It can also track and analyze the effectiveness of advertisements.

DSP501-527 Digital Signage Player for Harsh Environments

The DSP501-527 is one of the few digital signage players on the market that supports an extended operating temperature, from -40ºC to 60ºC, which makes it applicable in semi-outdoor environments like a drive-thru. The fanless and low-power system provides one HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort++ to present 4K UHD content.

AI-ready for smart features
Powered by the Intel® Core™ i3-8145UE and supporting AI accelerator from the long-time partner- Hailo, via mPCIe and M.2 slots, the DSP501-527 is capable of running essential AI algorithms such as item recommendation based on age and gender. Moreover, integrated with a camera, the player can track customers’ sight to evaluate if the content can grab their attention. Even more, AI can cross-check orders and advertisements for ROI reporting.

To boost AI performance, Axiomtek is capable of customizing an onboard AI accelerator to provide a more cost-effective AI solution. Also, the DSP501-527 provides an M.2 Key E slot for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and an M.2 Key B slot with a SIM slot for 4G LTE, which enables wireless connection for remote management and content updates.

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