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02 Feb 2024

Aurus Announces New Payment Processing Product – Vayu™

Aurus Inc Stand: 6J78
Aurus Announces New Payment Processing Product – Vayu™
Aurus, a leading provider of payment processing solutions, today announced the launch of Vayu™

Vayu™  is more than just a payment platform. It's a game-changer that will transform the way you interact with customers. Here's why you need to experience it now:


  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Offer seamless and convenient payments anywhere in your store, from the sales floor to delivery. No more waiting in lines or struggling with outdated POS terminals.
  • Unlock New Revenue Opportunities: Vayu™  integrates seamlessly with your Clienteling process, allowing you to personalize the shopping experience and drive higher sales.
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Repurpose existing smartphones and tablets to accept payments, eliminating the need for expensive new hardware.
  • Stay Future-Proof: AurusPay's cutting-edge technology ensures your investment is protected, with guaranteed compatibility with future advancements.
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