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31 Jan 2024

From 'Bricks to Clicks’: Navigating the Retail Revolution

SOTI Stand: 6D20
From 'Bricks to Clicks’: Navigating the Retail Revolution
From ‘Bricks to Clicks’: Are You Ready for the Retail Revolution?

Discover what shoppers in four key markets – U.S., UK, Germany, and Sweden – think about mobile and IoT technology in retail:


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  • Personalized In-Store Experiences

    76% of consumers want personalized in-store experiences from mobile devices.

  • Faster Shopping Experiences

    67.3% of consumers believe that retailers who utilize mobile technology provide a faster shopping experience.

  • Emerging Delivery Methods

    31.4% of consumers are comfortable with emerging delivery methods
    such as delivery drones.

  • More Likely to Be Repeat Shoppers

    30.6% of U.S. consumers are more likely to return to stores that provide a better technological experience.

  • Scan-As-You-Shop Technology

    50.7% of Swedish consumers believe scan-as-you-shop technology
    improves the in-store shopping experience.

  • Facial Recognition and Beacon Technology

    The U.S. (48.1%) and Sweden (37.5%) are most excited about retail innovations like facial recognition and beacon technology

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