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12 Jan 2024

Customized Self-Service Kiosks for Retail and Hospitality

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62
Customized Self-Service Kiosks for Retail and Hospitality

Axiomtek unleashes the customization flexibility of self-service kiosk

In our daily experience of buying tickets in the cinema, looking for items while shopping or even checking in at the airport, today more often we see self-service kiosks. They help shorten the waiting time and boost sales, so most people and business owners are willing to give them a try, gradually making them necessary for business. According to a report of Business Insider in 2017, McDonald’s has reported a 6% increase in sales after introducing self-service orders. The numbers indicate that the market and demand for self-service kiosks are expanding. Statista predicts it will reach 21.42 billion by 2027.

The kiosks vary in shape, size, price, functionality, and maintainability as they are mostly customized. Axiomtek, a world-renowned industrial PC leader, customizes and crafts a variety of kiosks with aesthetics and practicality, meeting customers’ demands and presenting an adequate corporate image.

When it comes to customization, Axiomtek insists on putting ourselves in customers’ shoes and following the rule of thumb of empathizing with the scope of customers’ applications, defining the pain points, ideating the kiosk, making a prototype, and testing.

The self-service kiosk for issuing the land transcript in public service

A Land Administration Bureau of a city government in Taiwan turned to Axiomtek for customizing a self-kiosk that can not only print pieces of the land transcript but also allows the user to pay by electronic payment. The bureau’s goal is to lighten the workload for the public servant by the kiosk and improve their service efficiency.

Considering the demand for an A4 printer inside the kiosk, plus the government building is relatively spacious, and the government prefers a reliable and professional image to the citizens, Axiomtek has crafted a kiosk in an encased, square, and symmetrical design according to the customer’s request.

Axiomtek has customized the kiosk, the SSK521, for the Land Administration Bureau. As being ergonomic and user-friendly for citizens is our emphasis, the kiosk has a 21.5” projected capacitive touch panel with a 70-degree viewing angle that is easy for users to read and operate. The height of the kiosk provides a very comfortable user experience for most average people who are between 4 feet 9 to 5 feet 11. Moreover, a front opening is added to the kiosk for easy maintenance while there is a tray for staff to pull out the A4 printer in case of paper jam. This kiosk is powered by the Intel® Core™ i3-7101TE processor and has integrated with various peripherals thru its USB ports, including a thermal printer, A4 printer, credit card reader, IC card reader and barcode reader.

AI vision for identifying products and self-checkout in cafes

Axiomtek designs a modular kiosk for an international coffeehouse chain that sells a variety of bread in some of the branches. To avoid customers getting confused by different types of bread, instead of selecting the bread customers take on the touch screen, Axiomtek integrates AI vision. The algorithm kicks in as soon as the bread is put on the tray, and the item list and price will pop up just in a second. Customers can pay with a bus card or credit card.

The kiosk features a 27” FHD touch screen and 5M AI camera and extended applicability by integrating card payment, thermal printer, etc.

But in the branches that only sell drinks, Axiomtek proposes the lightweight SSK515 to free up more space in the stores to accommodate more customers for higher profits; customers can just place an order via touch screen. For the SSK515, Axiomtek proudly emphasizes aesthetics and presents an asymmetric outlook that can leave a vivid impression on the customers.

The SSK515 features the Intel® Smart Display Module Large (SDM500L) with Intel® Core™ i5 or Intel® Celeron® processor, making the maintenance easy; a LED light bar atop supports 256 colors can show the status of the kiosk. It sheds the weight to 14.5 kg and thickness under 90mm, making it a versatile kiosk that supports wall mount, floor stand and countertop stand.

Unmanned e-commerce package pickup and drop-off service

In Asia when it comes to shopping, consumers heavily favor e-commerce and choose the package to be delivered to nearby locations for pickup. Now an e-commerce platform has been expanding its own offline pickup and drop-off spots for shoppers and sellers. Eyeing improving the efficiency, it plans on introducing self-service kiosks.

In highly populated cities the lease is expensive and the space is small. Thus, the platform requires the kiosks to be as small as possible to be placed on the table and to generate the best sales per unit area.

Axiomtek has proposed a 100% customized self-service kiosk, which is just 387 mm (W) x 400 mm (D) x 578 mm (H). It is powered by the Intel® Celeron® 6305E processor and equipped with a 15.6” PCAP touch panel; under the touch panel, there is a thermal printer for the receipts, a label printer for sellers to print tags to paste on packages, and a tilting tiny keyboard with only numbers for users to type in phone numbers to search for the package, considering typing is faster than tapping on the touch screen. As the buyers get the packages, they can use the Bluetooth scanner to read the barcode on the packages. Axiomtek especially suggests using a wireless scanner to increase the range of work. All in all, with thoughtful design, we incorporate a few peripherals to complete a powerful solution.

From the cases above, Axiomtek, as a leader in industrial PC and a trustworthy partner, has showcased its empathy in design thinking and the ability to manufacture the best system, helping the customer reach their business goals and create the best profits.



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