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30 Jan 2024

Eagle Eye Announces New Partnership with commercetools to Help Retailers Deliver Enhanced Personalization

Eagle Eye Stand: 5A60
Eagle Eye Announces New Partnership with commercetools to Help Retailers Deliver Enhanced Personalization

London, January 2024 – Eagle Eye, the leading SaaS business that executes loyalty, personalized promotions, and omnichannel marketing solutions for retail, travel, and hospitality brands, today announced its latest partnership with commercetools. Commercetools is the leading composable - commerce platform that gives companies the components to build and run outstanding shopping experiences while delivering unlimited flexibility, infinite scalability, and higher efficiency at lower costs.

The new integration provides retailers with access to Eagle Eye AIR, Eagle Eye's "plug and play" API-first platform, which includes tried and tested Cloud-Based Adjudication, enabling them to access the full power of the Eagle Eye Loyalty and Real-Time Promotion engine through a single connection.

By using Eagle Eye’s AIR platform in conjunction with commercetools, retailers can now deliver improved customer experiences and more connected shopping journeys across all customer touchpoints.

Personalization as a competitive advantage

This is a crucial capability for retailers. Recent studies have shown that shoppers would choose a brand if they had a memorable experience, and 86% said they would be willing to pay more for a great customer experience. With access to Eagle Eye AIR through commercetools, retailers can create this for customers, leveraging unified, dynamic, personalised, real-time rewards and discounts to foster greater engagement and brand satisfaction.

"By working with commercetools, we can help more retailers around the world build immersive, connected experiences for their customers," says Tim Mason, Eagle Eye CEO. "These experiences will fuel greater personalization, deeper loyalty, and ultimately more revenue for brands willing to embrace the technological edge offered by commercetools and Eagle Eye."

Partnering with an innovator

commercetools, a headless API-first commerce platform, helps retailers build commerce sites and quickly present the underlying data to a UI independent of transactional components. Designed specifically for the retail sector, the new partnership between Eagle AIR and commercetools will allow retailers to deliver more personalized customer experiences at scale across all channels, securely, at lightning speed, for enterprise retailers around the globe.

Eagle Eye AIR's integration, demonstrated by its weekly volume of nearly 750 million offers, showcases the combined power that allows retailers to seamlessly merge their online and offline experiences at scale. In 2023, commercetools processed an impressive order volume of $30 billion GMV, handling 20,000 orders per minute per customer and 10 billion API requests weekly, all while maintaining 100% uptime. As the most flexible and scalable loyalty and promotions platform in the world, retailers can now harness the power of the AIR platform directly through their commercetools instances.

"The partnership between commercetools and Eagle Eye will help retailers take their customer journeys to the next level," said Christopher Holley, Global Director of Technology Partnerships at commercetools. "Eagle Eye’s API-first approach and commitment to innovation was a perfect match with our headless, MACH-oriented platform, and we expect our relationship to generate more future-proof, open enterprise technology solutions for years to come."

For more information about Eagle Eye and the commercetools partnership or to schedule an interview with CEO Tim Mason, please get in touch with Vanessa Horwell at

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