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Hanshow and Leroy Merlin Triumph with RETA Awards 2024 for Best In-store Solution

Hanshow Stand: 6G48
Hanshow and Leroy Merlin Triumph with RETA Awards 2024 for Best In-store Solution

Leroy Merlin and Hanshow have been awarded the RETA Award 2024 for Best In-store Solution and Top Supplier Retail 2024 at EuroCIS! This prestigious recognition is a testament to the innovative collaboration that excels in enhancing the in-store experience for customers worldwide. Celebrated at the 17th annual RETA awards, this accolade is significant as it underscores the duo's victory in one of the most competitive categories.

The RETA awards are synonymous with excellence in retail technology, and the ceremony was a highlight event at EuroCIS 2024, which took place at the charming Dr. Thompson’s Seifenfabrik in Düsseldorf.

Innovation Overcoming Retail Challenges

Acknowledging the widespread issue of product navigation in large DIY stores, Hanshow and Leroy Merlin have effectively bridged the gap between online convenience and physical retail experiences. The successful partnership has led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction by easing the process of navigating through extensive product assortments and ensuring a seamless shopping journey from start to finish.

Digital Transformation Pioneers in Retail

The collaborative effort has not only provided substantial operational benefits to Leroy Merlin but has also generated visible customer engagement improvements. By leveraging Hanshow's digital retail solutions, Leroy Merlin witnessed a remarkable increase in-store efficiency and customer satisfaction scores. The ease of finding products, accessing real-time pricing, and receiving personalized promotions directly on their smartphones has empowered consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The digital integration enables a smooth transition between online research and physical purchase, a concept Leroy Merlin has been keen to perfect. The RETA Award recognition reflects the success of this strategy and the potential for other retailers to follow suit in creating a cohesive, digitally enhanced in-store environment.

Gratitude and Future Outlook

"We are incredibly honored to receive this award," said Liangyan Li, SVP and Head of Global Sales, Hanshow. "Our mission is to innovate relentlessly to solve our customers' biggest challenges. This accolade is a clear indication that together with Leroy Merlin, we are on the right track. Our heartfelt thanks go to the RETA jury and to all our dedicated employees who have made this achievement possible."

Looking forward, Hanshow and Leroy Merlin are committed to further innovating and refining the shopping experience. We believe that technology can drive meaningful connections with customers and are excited to explore new possibilities that will shape the future of the retail industry.

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