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12 Jan 2024

Hospitality Industries

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62
In today’s hypercompetitive hospitality industries, self-service kiosks, interactive digital signage and service robots used for operations and marketing communications are a must to evolving consumer expectations.

Hospitality businesses are embracing these technologies so they can deliver all-important improvements in customer experience. Hotels and entertainment venues are using digital signage to create exceptional experiences and deeper brand impressions while interactive self-service kiosks are offering more convenience and safety to their customers and employees. Service robots are used to provide room service and bring luggage to the room as well as provide information and entertain guests. At airports, the robots help passengers to find the right departure gate. Committed to building a premium hospitality experience, Axiomtek's hospitality solutions are customized for unique service needs, allowing hospitality businesses to operate more efficiently.

Our Solutions

To meet customer expectations, hospitality businesses must be more creative in optimizing the customer experience and increasing operational efficiency, while at the same time being able to provide a protected and safe environment. Axiomtek provides a wide range of digital signage products,  edge computers and all-in-one kiosks to help hospitality businesses respond to their marketplace and drive sales. From the conceptual stage, pre-planned component considerations, to the finished kiosk and system deployments, Axiomtek's Intelligent Retail Solutions deliver all that you need. Our key focuses are on ease of project development and deployment, cost and time saving, lessened downtime, as well as increased productivity level for our customers. 

Self-Service Kiosks

Axiomtek's 100% custom-made self-service kiosk adopts a sleek, modularized design, with extended interoperability to facilitate the addition and upgrade of multiple functions. They feature a wide array of POS terminal functions as well as anti-collision design and support the easy assembly and deployment to be able to fit into stores with different layouts. The checkout peripherals integrated into the kiosk system include an EMV card reader, a QR code scanner, a thermal receipt printer, plus a smart camera. 

Interactive Digital Signage

Axiomtek's advanced OPS digital signage player series offers a variety of useful features, including high-performance CPUs, 4K resolution support for dynamic graphics/video experiences, ultra-quiet fan design, simplified installation, and AMT remote management for reduced downtime. The highly reliable OPS player series provide our customers with long product lifecycles, a lower total cost of ownership and a higher return on investment.

Service Robots

Intelligent service robots integrate artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, big data and biometrics technologies to conduct environmental and behavioral sensing, dynamic decision-making, autonomous motion control, as well as interaction. To be able to handle a wide range of real-time computing tasks, advanced controllers and industrial PCs such as Axiomtek's eBOX fanless embedded system, AIE edge AI computing system, and system on module product lines featuring high-performance CPUs, feature-rich I/Os, compact size, serves a variety of options for communications and expandable storage,  are essential as a key controller. 

Why Axiomtek

Axiomtek's hospitality solutions are made to support your project success. Our experienced design services team offers our system integrators and ODM/OEM customers personalized design and manufacturing services. We have also developed software solutions for use with our products, providing easy product development and deployment to our customers.


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