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01 Mar 2023


Datalogic Stand: 6C60
Heralded as the only shopping assistant that today’s busy shoppers and retailers will need.

 It delivers a highly personalized experience, inclusive of product information and promotions and supported by all major Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Shoppers will reduce any wasted time whilst searching out specific products in ever crowded shops and stores and spending long wait times in check-out lines. Retailers will also benefit of course as they will be able to run personalized, clustered 121 marketing activities and redeploy check-out staff to assist shoppers in a more optimized in-store experience. The Joya Touch 22, with resilient Wi-Fi connectivity, is a perfect fit for all indoor retail applications with near instantaneous response times.

The Joya Touch 22, certified with Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, will precisely track its indoor location. This allows the delivery of powerful applications to support customers as they navigate different parts of the store, ensuring that they don’t miss out on targeted offers. Real-time information is delivered to the users, alerting them via on-screen prompts of nearby products and promotions. Navigating large stores can be a daunting experience for shoppers, especially when trying to find the right products at the right price.

Providing a tailored, satisfactory customer experience is Datalogic’s strength and is leveraged through close cooperation with ISVs and partners. The result is a more powerful Joya Touch 22, allowing for the inclusion of recipes, shopping lists, payment, product way finders and othered bespoke applications to suit any requirements.

Housed within the ergonomically designed body is the industry-leading Qualcomm SD660 processor, with 4Gb of RAM and 32Gb of flash memory. Users will immediately feel familiarity when using the device as it features the most up to date Android operating system with built in Google Mobile Services. The exterior can also be fully personalized with a massive range of color and branding options.  Snappy performance is guaranteed as near instantaneous feedback of successful scans is provided with Datalogic’s famous Green Spot confirmation. The device also provides red illumination for scanning Digimarc codes. The backward compatibility with your existing Joya Touch and Memor 1 accessories provides lower total cost of ownership as there is no need to upgrade all components.

Datalogic has designed the Joya Touch to withstand the toughest of long-term use in operations, from both customers and staff. There is no need to worry about damaged or dirty charging contacts through constant handling. This well-known fact seriously affects the risk of failure and has a big impact on return on investment. The Joya Touch 22 uniquely features wireless charging technology and takes only 2 hours to reach full capacity. Even a short 15-minute boost provides over 1 hour of continuous use. Simply place the device in its cradle without the need to worry about charging efficiency. These easy to maintain units can be easily wiped clean, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance or unplanned downtime.

The Joya Touch 22 is designed and built to take the personal shopping experience to the next level, delivering superior and personalized assistance to customers and retailers alike. Backwards compatibility with accessories secures lowest cost of ownership and minimal disruption to an existing Joya Touch or Memor1 installed base, which really does make the Joya Touch 22 the ultimate self-shopping companion.
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