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12 Jan 2024

Quick-Service Restaurants

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62

Today’s consumers crave personalized experiences and creative interactions and prefer self-service that allows them to get what they need faster. As they walk into restaurants, they expect to see the latest promotions on digital menu boards or in-store digital displays and look forward to self-order kiosks that allow them to order and pay for the service themselves.

Our Solutions

Kiosk/food equipment system integrators who create and deploy these systems will consider hardware product longevity, reliability, rich interfaces, easily configurable features, and customizable products that do not require long lead times. Integrating advanced computer technology to offer better solutions that are easy to maintain and user-friendly are also key considerations. Axiomtek provides a wide range of digital signage products and all-in-one kiosks for menu boards, digital displays, and ordering kiosks.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu board technology has advanced to the next level, with hardware that offers high flexibility and configurability. A digital menu board can help restaurants boost sales, improve the customer experience and drive effective communication. The Axiomtek DSP series products can support multiple independent displays. They offer options for various configurations and requirements. They can also be used to control QSR self-service kiosks with interfaces for a variety of needs – i.e., smart card, bar code and/or RFID reader. Some models can provide real-time, personalized promotional messages to customers based on smart demographics and deep learning technologies using software and toolkits such as the Intel® OpenVINO. Axiomtek DSP products also support computer vision technology and offer camera interfaces and cloud connectivity.

In-Store Digital Displays

As customers walk into quick-service restaurants, they expect to see the latest promotions on in-store digital displays. Axiomtek offers a wide variety of OPS players that will fit any budget and project requirements. These systems offer scalability, flexibility, superb graphics performance, 4K content playback, and multi-display capabilities. Quick-service restaurants have used Axiomtek OPS products for applications such as video walls and multi-purpose in-store smart promotional digital signage.

Self-Order Kiosks

Self-order kiosks have revolutionized the way customers order food and the process of how food reaches the customer. The Axiomtek Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) series products offer 4K resolutions, powerful computing, rich interfaces, and modular design for quick deployment and easy customization. They can be easily connected to an SDM-compliant display via its high-speed PCIe edge connector - which supports 4K resolution displays and video capture. They were developed to deliver excellent graphics performance with minimum implementation and management.

Why Axiomtek

Axiomtek can offer personalized engineering support and comprehensive value-added services that help retail, kiosk/POS and foodservice system integrators and equipment manufacturers achieve their project goals swiftly and painlessly.

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