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ARAGO Stand: 6J76
The resurgence of local commerce and the digitization of consumer habits are two strong trends. While they may seem contradictory, they present a unique opportunity for retail networks and the brands they distribute. However, it is essential to empower member stores of these networks with simple and direct access to all the levers and formats of programmatic advertising. Betting on a multichannel SaaS platform appears today as the winning solution.

Capitalizing on the trend of local consumption

Today, brands are increasingly aware of the significant potential of local communication. Contrary to popular belief, 85% of turnover for brands occurs in-store. The appetite for local commerce and the return to consuming locally are strong and enduring trends. As such, the points of sale within a network possess invaluable knowledge of their clientele, an asset that retail networks and manufacturers would be mistaken to underestimate.

Supporting the digitalization of store communication

Moreover, replacing paper leaflets with digital has become a priority for retail outlets. 93% of consumers who purchased a product in-store conducted an online search beforehand. Concurrently, the Climate Law launched the "Yes Pub" experiment in September 2022, ultimately obliging advertisers to abandon traditional leaflet distribution in mailboxes. Therefore, brands must now rethink their strategy by capitalizing on the customer expertise within their network while supporting its digital transition.

Digital, a complex world for local advertisers

However, these challenges are met with technical difficulties. To manage their local communication, a point of sale must use an average of 17 different tools. Due to a lack of internal expertise, some channels (display, DOOH) or creative formats (rich media, video) are inaccessible. This is where the intervention of network heads is indispensable. To democratize the most effective channels, brands must provide their stores with a unified tool in the form of a SaaS platform.

The advantages of SaaS

A SaaS platform to meet the needs of multilocal and multichannel communication offers several advantages:

Centralization of strategy: A SaaS platform allows for the centralization of local and multilocal communication management in one place. This facilitates the management of all communication campaigns, reducing errors and time losses associated with managing multiple different tools.

Message coherence: With a SaaS platform, it is easier to maintain brand consistency across all communication campaigns, regardless of the channels used. This strengthens brand perception and improves brand recognition among the public.

Automation and scalability of processes: A SaaS platform automates much of the communication process, reducing manual workload. Features such as campaign scheduling, publication, and performance measurement can all be automated and extended across the entire network.

Flexibility: A SaaS platform enables rapid adaptation to changes in communication strategies, essential in an ever-evolving world. Features can be added or removed as needed, allowing for easy adaptation to new challenges.

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