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12 Jan 2024

Self-Checkout Solutions

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62

More and more retailers are embracing autonomous shopping technology with the help of AI, machine vision and deep learning.Smart self-checkout solutions, such as AI-powered smart checkout systems and shopping carts, integrate product recognition to provide consumers with contactless and automated checkout services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no need to scan items one by one or finding products when the barcode is unreadable. Customers have a better shopping experience while store owners reduce employee overhead costs.

Our Solutions

The Al-powered smart checkout systems and shopping carts integrate AI smart cameras, sensors, an edge AI system and AI learning technology to accelerate checkout services and avoid human errors, allowing customers to enjoy rapid checkout by making purchases with speed, convenience and simplicity. The smart camera captures the purchased item and displays the image of the item on the touchscreen. Once the customer confirms the purchase, the screen shows the payment information including the number of items to purchase and the total amount to pay.

Axiomtek manufactures a wide range of products for smart self-checkout solutions, including embedded boards, touch monitors, edge AI systems, as well as kiosk products with an antimicrobial touchscreen that can be incorporated into brick-and-mortar retail stores. Axiomtek's products are designed to deliver rich features, ease of customization and fast time-to-market to OEM and ODM customers in an attractive package. They offer high reliability, easy upgrade, fool-proofed operation and maintenance for retail, grocery, hospitality and quick-service restaurant chains.

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Axiomtek's 100% custom-made self-checkout kiosk adopts a sleek, modularized design, with extended interoperability to facilitate the addition and upgrade of multiple functions. The self-checkout kiosk features a wide array of POS terminal functions as well as anti-collision design and supports the easy assembly and deployment to be able to fit into stores with different layouts. The checkout peripherals integrated into the kiosk system include an EMV card reader, a QR code scanner, a thermal receipt printer, plus a smart camera for processing merchandise images. The kiosk also makes full use of its physical design for multifunctional purposes, with areas available for mounting bag hooks or paper bag holders. 

Embedded Boards

Our embedded motherboards are ideal for projects that require flexibility and scalability. The extensive product line offers a variety of form factors, ranges of computing performance, low power consumption options, rich I/Os and high customization capabilities. These embedded boards can provide system integrators with the ability to run complex operations.

Touch Monitors

Axiomtek's touch monitors are fully customizable to suit the needs of a wide range of retail applications. We have implemented an antimicrobial solution to the surface of the touchscreen to ensure the use of touchscreens does not become a hotbed of bacteria and viruses. With this type of implementation, your touch monitors have good antimicrobial properties as well as being able to block up to 99.99 percent of bacteria. We believe our antimicrobial touchscreen solution will play a significant role in restoring consumer confidence in retail and other public environments during this time and moving forward into the future. 

Edge AI Systems

Axiomtek has developed a series of edge AI embedded systems with various form factors and configurations: from the low power consumption yet high-performance embedded systems to the server-grade industrial PCs.  Axiomtek’s rugged edge AI computing system, with its camera connectivity, deep learning capability, as well as ruggedized design, was deployed to facilitate product identification by performing the tasks of computer vision-enabled video analytics. 

Why Axiomtek

Axiomtek's experienced retail/kiosk design services team and gaming team offer our retail, quick-service restaurant (QSR) and ODM/OEM customers personalized design and manufacturing services. Our key focuses are on our customer's ease of project development and deployment; costs and time-saving; lessened downtime and increased productivity level for our customers. Our capabilities include delivering custom reference boards, integration services, engineering project support and many more. We have also developed software solutions for use with our products, providing easy product development and deployment to our customers.

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