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12 Jan 2024

Smart Retail/QSR/Kiosk Solutions

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62

As emerging technologies continue to drive digital disruption, customer experience has now become a key consideration for retailers. To meet customer expectations, retail businesses must be more creative in optimizing the in-store experience, while at the same time being able to provide a protected and safe shopping environment. Axiomtek manufactures a wide range of products, including smart display modules, modular panel PCs, digital signage players, as well as open-frame touch monitors with an antimicrobial touchscreen that can be incorporated into brick-and-mortar retail stores. We believe our advanced solutions will play a significant role in restoring consumer confidence in retail and other public facilities during this challenging time to help people move forward into the future.

Voice, facial and gesture recognition

The fear of touching contaminated surfaces is rising like never before. Yet to successfully alter how people interact with stores requires some sophisticated technologies. Sensory interfaces such as voice assistants and facial and gesture recognition promise to be more intuitive and immediate. They point to a future where the interface is embedded in our environment, enabling frictionless, anticipatory, responsive and predictive interactions.

Retail Displays

Retail displays are often seen installed in the store because they can create immersive shopping experiences to boost business performance. Using an intelligent panel PC with excellent graphics capabilities is, therefore, an effective way to catch the shopper’s eye.

4K Video Walls

The video walls are particularly common in retail applications. Using an array of displays aligned edge-to-edge in a grid (1x2, 2x2, etc.) to combine into one larger attraction, the video wall can generate an impressive impact on a wider audience to maximize advertising results.

Self-Service Kiosk

Restaurants, retail stores, smart cities, hotels, and hospitals are all using self-service kiosks to offer more seamless and convenient experiences. These solutions help lead to shorter lines, boosted revenue, lower labor costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Why Axiomtek

Our standard products are purpose-built to serve smart retail applications and help meet these incremental demands. They include the flexible Intel® SDMs, advanced interactive touch computers and high-quality OPS players. In addition, we have evolved to become a one-stop-shop for custom-made solutions, i.e. self-service kiosks, quick-service restaurant smart menu boards and more.

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