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12 Jan 2024

Smart Vending Machines

Axiomtek Stand: 6A62

Smart vending machines have completely changed our typical view of vending machines. The range of products that can be dispensed by these vending machines is unbelievable like salads, cakes, electronics, health products, or just about anything you imagine. Sensitive scales and conveyor belts can dispense products of all shapes, sizes, and styles. At the official merchandise store in the Tokyo Olympics' media center, buyers can skip the lines with souvenir vending machines. With just a few touches on an interactive screen, customers can purchase Olympic Games souvenirs, such as mugs, tote bags, sunglasses and traditional daruma dolls.

The use of smart vending machines allows businesses to reach customers in new locations and in new ways. Smart vending machines offer exceptional shopping experiences to the customers. They use high-definition touchscreen displays to display high-quality product photos and animations. Businesses can also add custom user interfaces to attract customers with interactive videos and commercials. In addition, smart vending machines allow multiple items purchase in a single transaction. These machines are connected to the cloud, so businesses could easily monitor sales, improve inventory tracking and remotely.

Our Solutions

Smart vending machines provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which requires a stable operation. Axiomtek’s eBOX560-52R-FL, an extremely compact fanless embedded system, provides high-performance, power-efficient, and abundant I/O interfaces in a compact device. This low-power embedded system can operate under wide temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C and endure up to 50G shock and 3Grms vibration. Moreover, it features two independent 4K Ultra HD displays through its DisplayPort++ and HDMI for multi-display applications. Its flexible mounting options include wall mount, VESA mount and DIN-rail mount. It also supports Axiomtek’s AMS.AXView software to help users remotely monitor and manage connected devices.

Axiomtek’s PT805 is powered by the Intel® Celeron® processor N3350 and is equipped with a projected capacitive flat panel touch screen. Its industrial quality and ultra-low power consumption design ensure it works stably under 24/7 operation and its highly flexible I/O expansion ports allow users to quickly assemble according to the specifications, location and budget they have. The built-in RFID/NFC reader can quickly and easily make cashless payments on any type of vending machine.

Axiomtek's AGD100 series of touch monitors are fully customizable to suit the needs of a wide range of retail applications. We have implemented an antimicrobial solution to the surface of the touchscreen to ensure the use of touchscreens does not become a hotbed of bacteria and viruses. With this type of implementation, your touch monitors have good antimicrobial properties as well as being able to block up to 99.99 percent of bacteria.

Why Axiomtek

Axiomtek’s compact fanless embedded system, mini widescreen panel PC and touch monitor products are made to support your project success. Our experienced design services team offers our system integrators and ODM/OEM customers personalized design and manufacturing services. Our key focuses are on our customer's ease of project development and deployment; costs and time-saving; lessened downtime and increased productivity level for our customers. We have also developed software solutions for use with our products, providing easy product development and deployment to our customers. 


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